Simplify Your Life

You need fewer distractions. You need private and trusted social sharing. You need your forever calendar, private address book, todo list and modern chat. Your personal data is yours and yours alone. It should be in one place. It should be painless to change voice plans or get a new tablet or whatever. No more lost numbers. No more, "Hey, I just got a new phone and lost my contacts, can you txt me?" No more vendor lock in.

For real time communication email is done, toast, caput, a spammy mess. FAF Chat is fueled by opensource Rocket.Chat. 

Replace Email

Open up the conversation and remove the need for CC/BCC by using Rocket.Chat Channels and Private Groups to speak to your team openly for greater transparency.

Include relevant participants with the @username mention to notify those immediately. For important announcements to all members of a group, use @all. Full chat history allows participants to join and leave at any time.  ( from Rocket.Chat website )

Membership means no ads, no creepy gps tracking or hidden activity getting into your stuff, you know, actual privacy. It’s not free, but haven't we all seen that free stuff usually isn't? Rolling out right now.


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